The Artisanals are one-of-a-kind pieces that require a more thorough creation process than our other garments.

There are no limits to the creation and conception of an Artisanal piece except those imposed by the client, for these are made to satisfy their whim. Everything from the silhouette, colours, fabrics, details and finishings can be personalized. Our designer will guide you through this process to forge the outfit you want.

There is also a collection of artisanal pieces. These are garments showcased at our galleries that are produced exclusively for artistic reasons and only one piece will exist destined for the client that demands it. We also produce a small collection of silk scarves with hand-made lace ravaudage and Swarovski details.

This catalogue features some of our custom-made artisanal creations as well as other made exclusively for our archives. Please remember that due to the process required in creating these pieces, each one is unique, and no direct copy is made of any of these pieces.

Please enjoy the catalogue and get in touch with us to discuss your ideal piece. We would love to hear the project you have in mind, and we will also send you a catalogue of available scarves.